PC3 USB maps and elevation


Hi everyone,

I just got a PC3 and a TRE for my '00 'Busa. I'm new to the whole mapping thing. There aren't any places nearby that do custom maps, and of course I'd like to be using the best map possible. I'm in Utah, at about 4,700 feet, and I'm wondering what I should do to the map to compensate, if anything.

Also, do I need to map for the TRE? For now, the bike is pretty close to stock. It has a K&N filter and Two Brothers slip-ons.
I have heard both sides of this story.

for about 75.00 you have the option of contacting Quasar (did I just say that?) ....
He/She (I dunno, never spoken to personally) can write you a MAP that should get you in the ballpark ..... there are others as well ...just a amatter of who is willing to share.

Yes....do all mods and then MAP accordingly.

BTW...how many wives fit on the Busa at the same time?
You'd be surprised. Get yourself a handful of the petite wives and some good bungee cords, and you can manage half a dozen or so. ;)
sidenote tidbit: My wife (singular) and I went to the Philippines last year, and they will seriously get a whole family on one bike. It's quite a thing to see eight people clustered on a 500.