map for two brothers shorties????


Curious as to what map anyone else is using that has put two brothers shorty slipons on their gen 1. I have a 2006 busa that is all stock except for the titanium two brothers shorty slipons. I see on the Dynojet site that they have a map for a 4 into 2 two brothers set up. Not sure if this is for a full system or what. My bike seems to have a slight stumble at low rpms since putting the shorties on. I'm sure a pclll wouldn't be a bad thing.


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I have the shorty carbon fiber M5's (the larger can) I put the 4 into 2 map on the PCIII and my bike (Gen1 '05) ran extremely rich. I had saved the stock map that came with my PCIII and have went back to it. The 2 Bros map is for the full exhaust 4-2. I am not getting any stumble at low rpm's, but i do think a trip to the Dyno shop would get a little better performance. Soon as i get he extra cash i'm going to get it done. I am running stock except a K&N filter. Try syncing your carbs and see if that helps.


Thanks. I was looking around yesterday and saw that the map posted for the TB is for the full system. Surprising that there is nothing posted anywhere for the shorties. Maybe we are a rare breed. Wasn't sure I would like the shorties but turns out I like them alot. Not something you see everyday and I love the growl of the TB cans. Anyone have any recommendations for a tuner in Chicago? I'm not too far from Fuelmoto so if need be I take a trip. Being in NW Indiana I can either head into lower MI, Il, WI or just stay in IN. Just not sure who is a good tuner.
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