lowering straps

I have the straps on it now, but I want  to keep it lowered at all times. What is the safest way?
if your busa is 99/00 you raise the tubes up through the triple tree cover...

if it is 01 or newer, you need to buy a new triple tree cover ($300+) that will allow you to slide your fork tubes up, or get risers like "Reaper Risers" which is what I use, will allow you to lower the front up to 1 1/4".

Hope that helps.
I have a 2000, I want it lowered around 2-3 inches. Will this allow for it.
your triple tree cover (that the handlebars are bolted to), are there two large holes in the top of the cover that are big enough to let the fork tubes through? or are the holes just big enough for the fork adjusters?
the answer will be - large holes - yes you can lower it without new cover, small holes - no.
in this photo, you can see my fork adjustments... copper... the holes are NO WAY big enough to let those tubes up.

So if mine will allow the tubes to come through, how will it look. Will the tubes just be sticking up alot higher than everything else.
I don't believe mine will come through, have to check in the morning. Other than this is there anyother alternatives. What is the major problems with the straps? We dont ride many curves mostly just cruising in straight lines.
straps are made for drag racing, keeps the front compressed and low, not allowing ANY travel up front. If you were to ride streets with it strapped, you will not only feel every little bump and rock due to NO susupension travel, if the strap breaks or comes undone, will hurt your bike.
where did you order your setup. picture is hard to tell if I will like it. i like the factory look myself, is the difference real noticeable. can you tell from looking at the bike from a small distance or do you have to be looking at it from right over head.
mine has the factory look, I added "Reaper Risers" which in essense raise the stock cover therefore allowing the fork tubes to also be lowered if desired.
If you notice the two stainless steel spacers on either side of the center nut, those are two of the four "Risers". Easy install, and fairly easy to raise the fork tubes, end result lower front. I went with the 1 1/4" risers, the biggest ones available. You can get them from Reaper himself... racingreaper@hotmail.com
Think its like $38 or $40 complete set, mailed to your door.
You won't need to go lower for street riding. Any lower, you risk the chance of breaking your front fender or nose piece.
IF you need to go lower, just for racing at the strip, use a strap.
When you go lower, you lose your cornering ability. If you like to hit the twisties, can wind up scraping the lowers on the road. Not good.
Never ever use lowering straps on the street.  A friend of my brother died on his VMax when the strap broke and got tangled in the front wheel, enough said...

I'm using the JCS upper triple tree cover on my bike.  Not recommended to lower the fork tubes more than 1".  When you look at the fork tubes you will see horizontal lines, you should not go below this point.  The fork tubes begin to taper at this point.
Here is a side shot, the front end is plenty low enough.  When you slam the front end it may look cool, but it's not safe for street riding.  This is low enough for street riding and the bike still handles great.  When it's track time the lowering straps go on.  When using the straps, you should remove the plastic cover above the ft. fender/below the nose fairing.