lowering help


ok hi i have read lots on here just not posted...

i have 2006 busa has been lowered 1 inch in front i dont know about rear ill post a pic it has 3 hole lowering link in rear its in the top hole i went to the shop and wanted them to lower the bike 1 more inch all the way around but they say dont do it u will hate it and u cant go around corners and lean the bike i do understand the lower u have the bike the less u can lean it i mainley just ride to work and home and a few other places but its all good roads how can i tell how much the real is lowered? from the bottom of the ferring to fround it 4 1/2 inch in front and its 7 inch in rrear seat is 34 inch off the ground i would like it to set level i think ....i really dont know want to mess it up or make it ride funny can i put it in the middle hole on rear lowering link with out it driveing funny? thanks for any help and info .... i am also posting a few picks hope to show ya what i am talking about thanks again for any and all info



Put it in the center hole and see how you like it. I had an '06 that was lowered 1 in front and 2 in the rear. The bike looked level and I felt it looked better, however the bike would bottom out at times and especially two up. Obviously your handling will be affected but that doesn't seem to be an issue here.
Yeah I lowered my front 3/4 and the rear 2. I started scraping hard parts and that wasnt even trying that hard. Put it back to how I have it before. I loved the look by didn't want to risk myself or passenger when riding
what kind of riding do you do? lots of twisties, local back roads etc.? I agree that the drive ability will be altered by lowering it but, as for a shop turning down your money and saying you wouldn't like it, is either strange or honorable...not sure. I had my 05 a little over a cigarette pack's width from the ground and loved it. Yes, it was a drag bike BUT i did take her around town every once in a while and a few bike nights with little issue. Speedbumps...not gonna happen lol potholes...DODGE EM! The point is, yes its a different ride from stock but you'll either learn to like it or change it back at your own will.

to lower it properly you'll need a shortened shock to limit the suspension travel...............using links alone to do the lowering still leaves the shock capable of its full travel and only the bike bodywork limits things.
May also need to consider a stiffer spring to reduce the sag / squat when you site on the bike.
ok thanks i dont rind on curvy roads just to work and home down the hwy no speed bumps all good roads lol
Every small pothole, raised section of pavement or entrance / exit to a convenience store becomes your speed bump :laugh: