Lowering gen 2 hayabusa ???


Hi all
I have some questions/concerns reguarding lowering my bike using my brock's performance 3 position lowering links and my brock's performance triple three clamp on my gen 2 hayabusa.
My bike is stock lenght. I currently have the links on the middle hole.This setting is supposed to be 2 inches lower than stock right? I currently have the front fork tubes up 1 and a quarter inch above the triple clamp (I figured that 1 and a quarter above the triple clamp plus 3/4 for the thickness of the clamp will equal 2 inches lower in the front.)
Am I correct?
Should I lower the front 2 inches seeing that I have the rear lowered 2 inches?
Will my bike be too low now and scrape on the road?
Will I cause damage to the nose or fender?
I'm seeing on brocks site that the brock's triple clamp should only be used to allow the fork tubes to be 3/4 inches above the triple clamp. But 3/4 above the clamp plus 3/4 for the thickness of the clamp equals 1.5 inches lower in front.
Will 1.5 inches lower in front and 2 inches lower at the rear be ok?
Will the bike corner/handle properly with -1.5 in front and -2 in the rear?
OR Should I keep the -2 in front and -2 in the rear?

Sorry for rambling.



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I don't know about the 3/4" triple clamp because it replaced the factory triple clamp. Step back and look at the bike and see if the stance looks good to you. Yes you are gonna scrap unless you're very careful with your riding. Two up will even make it scrub easier. Yes, I believe it will hurt your cornering, for one thing hard parts will make contact sooner than they would at stock height


Also check that by lowering the front that far if the fender will hit the nose of the fairing when hard braking.


Just a little update:

@dadofthree. Remember the fork tubes sit just at the base of the stock triple clamp and not flush with the top. My brocks triple clamp is 3/4 inches thick. So what I'm trying to say is by just sliding up the tubes flush with the brocks triple clamp will lower the bike 3/4 inch. I then brought the tubes 1 and 1/4 inch above the triple clamp which lowered the front 2 inches. Just to clear that up.

I contacted the ever so helpful and informative staff at Brock's performance. They told me do not slide the fork tubes more than 3/4 inch above the triple three and if I need to go lower in front use straps. So I just did that. So now my front is sitting at 1 and 1/2 lower than stock and the rear is 2 inches lower than stock. I can always lower the front more if I want to by using straps. But the bike looks great this way. I dont think I'll be needing to strap the front.I am yet to ride it and see how it handles.

Thanks for the comments.

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