Im new into this. But I want to know if is ok lower a Busa 2 1/2" in the front with a triple tree, or wich one is the safest to go. I already lowered 2 1/2" and looks good and ride perfect. I want to have some opinion from people that know more than me. lol I dont now a s(%#.:lol:


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your front fender is going to smash up into the bottom of the front cowl being that low...i only recommend that low for the drag strip


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I am a rookie an a noob but I think anything more than 1" could give you problems for everyday riding an street use. there are a lot smarter people than me here hopefully more will pop up with a # for ya!


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I like the lowered look but, concerned about adverse handling. Be shure to post up what you did and what you think. Great to see some S A riders:welcome: evo to busa myselfe now it just sits mostly.
I have an inch of tubes sticking through the top tree and have had no problems bottoming out or hitting the fender, but I did tighten up the suspension a lil bit.
You can go 2" on the street but you'll have to adjust your riding, pick your lines and routes carefully. If your ride 2up,allow some extra room for braking so the front doesn't dive and hit the upper with the fender. You just have to ride it for the way you set it up, the positive is you'll watch the road and traffic more :thumbsup:


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Lowering your bike, especially if you go more than an inch, creates lots of problems and gains you nothing in performance. Clearance problem is only one of many.
Thanks guys for the advice. I said 2 1/2" not from the triple tree, fron the other piece behind the triple tree. From the triple tree is like 1 1/2. How i suppost to do the mesure. 1 1/2 from the triple tree to the begining of the suspension. Thats ok. Guys sorry my english its hard to explain for a hispanic person.:cheerleader: Thanks
with the bike lowered, how much did you tighten the suspension!?!?,.,,. one, two, three clicks..... or all the way!?

I am thinking about re-routing my exhaust along the side.... ;)

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