Lowered and 2 up.


Well like a lot of us I got my fat girl setup with a perfect ride height which is not bottomed out by any means. I didnt get the nicely adjustable soupys links I got the roaring toys links for the rear with 5 holes in them and I have them on the 3rd of the 5 holes so not the lowest BUT with my 240lb self on it and a passenger she sags down just enough to touch the undertail when going over bumps. I dont wanna raise it up because its frankly perfect when its just me and its stretched out 6 inches and looks retarded when the rear is too high but I may have to get the other link set. Any ideas? Will adjusting the rear spring help take up that rear sag at all?
Go to the racetec website. You can look at the parameters there and get the spring that best fits your length, weight, ect.
sweet! that will work. I dont often have a passenger on it but for those random rides to bike nights and such I want her to be able to go.
These are the best images I have. dont have a reallly good side shot. I have the soupys front lowering kit and the roaring toys links on rear as stated




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i got a new spring for my wieght and it helps alot. dont forget to add some for ur passanger too. mine is lower and 6-8 extended
My Gen1 was lowered and I had no issues with scrubbing. Just tighten the shock all the way and make sure your spring is adjusted high enough to where it wont scrub. The screw for shock is accessible under left side of swing arm with flat head screw driver. Spring needs special tool, or hammer and punch.
Mine is lowered with no stretch and I rub very little if at all riding two up. I did tighten up the spring just a little though. Nice looking bike by the way. Stretched with the stock exhaust looks better then I thought it would. Very clean bike!