Lost my friggin mind!


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OK it's 6AM here for me and I just got home from a 10 hour shift and being awake for 24 hours..that's become the norm for me lately.

But anyways...I found this page when considering some "summer cleaning"...
This REALLY messed with my mind for a good 10 minutes b4 I figured it out.

Me, on percocet and that Genie...

Whoa...too early in the day for me to question that...
Holy crap! How does that work? I done it three times and it was right every time...
try it again... this time Dont .. use your "mouse" as a pointer.. use a "finger" .. the answer will be differant ..
actually how many of you used your computers calculator? if you use the calculator it gets it right if you do it in your head it gets it wrong!

if you look at all the choices... there are several spaces with the same answers.
Well, of the numbers available 10 to 99, they have covered every possible combination of that "math" they ask you to do with the same answer.
For example.... of you chose "20" as your number then your answer would be "18"....now look at the word in the box for 18. Then let's say you chose "95" as your number (instead of 20) then your answer would be "81" .....the word in both boxes for "18" & "81" is the same....
and THAT is how they do it....just a matter of covering ALL the possible boxes in the equation with the SAME answer.


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Hah! It missed one!

I clicked through without doing any math and it gave an answer!


I used to be able to figure out how these work but this one has me stumped.

all in the math
It's only 1/2 in the math. The other half is slight of hand so to speak.

The Math:
For any two digit number, when the sum of the digits are subtracted from the number, the answer will be a multiple of 9. So out of the 90 two digit numbers you can pick, there are 10 possible outcomes: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, and 90. So the Geni has a 1 in 10 chance of guessing correctly.

The slight of hand:
Look at the "Junk type" for the numbers listed above. It is always the same for those numbers. The type is changed with each play, so you don't get the same type every time.