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  • hi busas all over the world.First sorry for bad English.I have a 99 busa and when i am at open road

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hi busas all over the world.First sorry for bad English.I have a 99 busa and when i am at open road with about 250kmh or 6000rpm and close the throtle the bike drobs rpm and it goes about 180khm until the engine starts to work again.its like u re closing the run-off button.same think if i close throtle to change a gear.the bike has T.R.E & K&N.PLEASE help.
try unplugging the tre and see if thats affects the bike's response.
With a 99 you do not need a TRE if you are using it to take of the speed restriction.
Very good. I was going to ask what kind of sound it was making when you open and close the throttle.

Oh and you do not need the TRE for lower below 4,000 rpm for additinal power.
I am having a simular problem I just had the bike apart to polish the frame, and install an extended swingarm. ( I had the tank off) now when I ride at a steady 6000rpms, it will shut off, the tach goes to zero, the "chec" comes on in the clock window, (like you turned off the thumb switch) for a second or two, then it comes back on (by itself). I can ride at 5000rpms, or 7000rpms, and it doesn't happen, only at 6000rpms.
Its an '01 with 11k miles, I have owned it since new, the motor is all stock, except Yosh slip ons.
where is the tank/ pump filter ? does it need to be replaced? or cleaned?
it has 3 filter as the mechanick says.1st one is ander the tank with 2 bolts its easy to come out and cleaned.The other 2 filter is in the fuel pump one for replace and one for cleaning, it depends what year the bike is(as the mechanick says).My bike if the tank is full i have no bro but from the midle and down its starts.
Little words for the T.R.E.
The place i live(GREECE-KOZANI)is between mountains so we have a lot of ups and downs, a lot of cornering-turns with small roads.If i ride the bike and the road is too close and u going about 60-100khm having 3gear or 4 the rpm is lower than 4000 so if u open throtle with out the TRE the bike goes out of the corner because its cutting instant power the injection.I try to ride the bike with out the tre and i realise that is easyer to ride with the TRE in these roads we have.