holding back


hi all, just joined the best forum for busa's, shame im in the uk.
i have a bit of a problem, after reeding all your talk about the busa itraded in my r6 for a 99 model in black/silver, i took it for a ride and all seemed ok so i bought it,(private sale). on the way home -200 miles, i opened her up 3rd ok, 4th a hesitation then it was all go 5th the same, but 6th when i pressed the go button nothing happend ? i had to shut the throtle off then slowly wind it back on again?

has anybody got any thoughts on this because it's realy bugging me.
thanx in advance
I haven't the slighest clue as to what that could be. Did you have a mechanic look at it before you bought it? :rock:
Welcome to the board Neil.......not positive this is what's wrong with yers.... but the Busa's are famous for fuel pump problems.
Also are you running a PC2........if so maybe check the map.
PM johnnycheese.....he'd be the guy that could help you most.
hi thanx for the replies, yes i did get a mechanic to look it over, and all seemed ok, no i'm not running a pc2, i'll pm johnnycheese
When you take it to the shop have them put it on a dyno. The 99s and 00s and a recall on the cam chain tensioner. If they put it one tooth out it will run good but it won't have all the power that it should have and it will have a dead spot in it. Here is my run before and after I get it done right.