looped bike pics


it was not a fun thing, looking at all these again and resizing them for you :sad:

this is it, I saw the bike at the shop, it looks much worse standing up. The good side is up on all these shots.

Holy crap - you are lucky to be in one piece! :sad: Alot of wrecks recently, we need to all be very careful. Sorry to see your bike, I feel your pain even though my wreck wasn't as bad as yours. Good luck fixing your baby.
Dude...Can we hae a moment of silence....

Thats brutal man, sad to see... :sad:

Glad your OK... Heal Up.

Now class take a look at the first picture again.

What do you see?

Very good to all the supersluths, His gloves giving us the middle finger,

or tellin us we are all number one!!

:bounce: :bounce:
A saved mellon is what i saw.Glad you are ok ,that looks brutal.Can understand the pain in posting them.But you seem in fair spirits considering and you have retained motor skills needed to type and post a very good thing.
I hope that you are okay... Glad you were wearing gear. Whats the story behind the accident?