Looking for Reliable Mechanics


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Many folks on this forum seem to be unhappy with some of the service techs that work on motorcycles. Can we get a thread going, perhaps state by state or by major city where people have found excellent, competent busa mechanics.

I live in the Chicago suburbs and have a week old 2003 busa and will be looking for a good mechanic eventually as I am not equipped to do anything but very minor maintenance.

Anyone know any good service folks in the greater chicago area?
Y'know I'm suprised nobody responded to this thread. I too have learned to become self reliant due to the lack of decent mechanics available. There should be a place on this web site that lists dealers and mechanics and gives them ratings and remarks. All I know is that if you are in Brooklyn or Staten Island good luck finding anybody worthy of owning a ratchet set. If you want a good laugh or a confused look, walk into any of my local shops and ask them where their torque wrench is.
Good thread.

Here are some of the tops in the country that i use, specialising in BUSAS.

Clevland Ohio = the Motorhead (Dennis Clanton)

Richmond Virginia= fastgixx (Chris B)

South Flordia = Carlito (Carlos Rodriguez) TDC Performance

New England = Dave O (Dave Owens) Extreme Performance
Frmingham MA.