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Hi guys, how are you all? Hope your summers have been swell.
You need to ignore my ignorance. I had a terrible crash on the bus that has kept in the hospital for 2 months.
I was riding home late one night from work when a drunk driver ran a red light hitting a car in front of mr which spun 360 into my path. I jumped off the bike so I would not hit the car head on, after that I can't remember. I do remember hearing the paramedics saying can you hear me, what is your name?
I woke in the hospital 4 days later when they were doing a CAT scan.
I broke my back, they say the car that spun out in front of me flipped over on top of me pinning me underneath. I was in a coma for 4 days. I also broke my pelvis, 5 ribs collapsed lung and bruised heart. I also broke my baby toe.( that is the most painful of them all)
I was told that I have made remarkable recovery time and are healing very well. The doctors are so amazed in my progress. I am already walking on my own. Thank god I was tired of the wheelchair, I do however have to wear a brace for my back so it can heal.
It has been 4.5 months since the accident. The docs say I will heal with no problems 100%
So I plan to get another bus in October. Hopefully by then I will be able to ride. If not I will have to turbocharge my wheelchair :tounge:
Take care guys!
Wecome back
I glad to hear that you are ok all things considered. How are the other drivers? Do you still have your Duc?
the drunk driver is still in a coma. And the lady driving the car he hit is recovering from severe head injuries. i feel sorry for her. I hate drunk drivers.
I still have the duc.
I've missed you. I haven't heard from you in so long, I thought you didn't love me anymore. :sad:

Man, I'm sorry about what happened! That sucks!!
Do you need anything? Prolly not, since you are recouping so well, but if you do, let us know.

Glad you are back, and hope you hang around.

Guess the Busa was a total, huh?


Glad to hear you are making a complete recovery... Let us know if there is anything we can do... And take care of that toe :tounge:
Damn BusaChick...I wasn't around the last time you posted but I have been doing some house cleaning in "General" and found a bunch of your older threads.  I was wondering where you had been...
 Really sorry to hear about your accident, sounds like your a Hardcore Trooper though...  Glad your back here and functional...

Take care, Heal Up...

sorry to hear about the accident hope you make a full recovery and are back on the bike soon

hope the drunk spends long time in jail ......too bad drunk did not get hurt and have to really suffer the rest of their life seems like the drunks always walk away and are just fine after :super:
Chick! - Shocker! :eek: :eek: :eek:

So glad your getting better I just figured you had a busy summer... Speedy recovery to you & best wishes.

I wondered where you went. VERY sorry to hear of that needless accident. Sounds like you are healing fast for those injuries! Glad you are doing well considering and I look forward to hearing about your new bike!

Well...there you are! I've seen your name on the board here and there in my quest to find gals that tamed the Busa, but you disappeared before we could meet...

I'm so sorry to hear about your accident Liz...sounds like you're damn lucky to be as well off as you seem to be considering the circumstances. When will people learn and not drink and drive? I don't feel sorry for people that drink and drive, only the victims they take along with them...so, if the driver's still in a coma, he/she has no idea of the hell created for the victims?! Problem is he/she probably won't care...that's sad, but so true with drinking drivers...

Glad to hear you're exceeding your docs expectations, and take it slow getting back on a Busa so you don't hurt your back...best wishes for a continued speedy recovery! Can't wait until you're out on a Busa again...

Glad your recuperating Liz, and I'll be praying for your 100% recovery, just sorry you had to go through it. Keep us informed about your recovery..... Think about the bright side you can get the 2k4 busa :D
So glad you are getting better and on the way to a full recovery. I'm sure you are almost tired of hearing this, but it sounds like you were very lucky under the circumstances. I hope you can get back to riding again soon.
thanks for all the wishes guys!! You all rock!

Chris you changed your name. I have missed you too. How's life in the hot hot sun?

I plan to get another busa. But could someone tell me what a 2k4 busa is. I was planning to get a 2003 silver edition. it reminds me of my 02, sad she's gone:( sniff sniff, I will miss her.

Thanks again guys. I really appreciate it. Makes my healing seem easier!!:)

Busachick....get well soon. Don't worry about the bike....there will always be one available. Worry about your health.

Quick question....that I think is on the minds of everyone on this forum...did you have a helmet and armour that helped save you a bit or were you without equipment?

Again....good to hear you are recooperating quickly.

Be well.