Lock-up clutch


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My turbo bike has an MTC 2-stage lock-up clutch installed. According to the receipts, it costed the previous owner $780. I do not like the feel of the clutch at higher RPMs. I am considering selling it/trading it for a BDE billet clutch mod and some $$$. What say ye?
You need the lockup to apply enough pressure to keep the clutch from slipping under boost. This of course makes it hard to disengage for shifting at high RPM. If you "breathe" the clutch by rolling off the throttle you can shift the bike. An air shifter eliminates these shifting difficulties. BDE makes a great clutch kit, but it uses springs which would have to be so strong to hold the HP that you will crack the clutch cover or lose the seal in the slave cylinder.
Like Larry mentions, the clutch locks up at higher RPMs. This causes the clutch lever to be nearly impossible to pull in. I do have an air shifter, but have never used it. I guess I need some practice. Air shifting seems like a pain because what happens when I run out of air? I may replace it with an electric shifter like VegasDude runs.

Swap it to Co2. You will get more than 300 shifts off a bottle. I sell a conversion kit (DOT Co2 bottle, fitting and regulator for $109) It costs around $3 to fill the bottle at any paint ball store.


It really comes down to how much racing you are going to do. The lock up is for hard racing, normal everyday riding/racing needs some slip.
Like they all said, for HP the lockup is a necessity, just roll off the throttle a little and into gear she'll go. I run an on board compressor on my Busa and it's fine. On previous bikes I ran a multistage lockup on the street, I'm sure if you fiddle with yours you can get it to do what you need it too.
If you want to get rid of it, I'd definetly be interested, email me.
Thanks for notes, I think I will keep the clutch for now. In fact, if it comes down to taking the clutch out, I think I will just sell the whole bike and build one the way I want it.