LED & Tail Light Problems


I Have a 2002 Busa and I installed the tail light integrator kit by M.D. Wright Inc. Everything works great with normal light bulbs, the problem occurs when I install LED Bulbs. When I give it gas, the bulbs seem to dim and cut out. Again this is only with the LED BULBS!!! Nobody seems to have an answer for me. Is anyone else having this problem??
The web site says ""Custom installation required for: '01 & '02 Yamaha YZF-R6, Ducati 748, 916 and 996 as well as all bikes with L.E.D. brake lights.

! But, maybe somebody here has figured out a work around................
I'm not sure where it says not to use LED's, I've contacted M.D. Wright Inc., and they have never heard of this problem. According to them, they install these kits with LED's all the time.