Leaking coolant


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...so ever since I had the dealer install my Vance & Hines header, I've been smelling a whiff of coolant when I shut the bike off. But with Temp and coolant level normal I ignored it. Yesterday I found a a small puddle of coolant under the bike. Hoping its just a loose hose clamp. I know I should have done the install myself, but the dealer was replacing my Fork seals under warranty and I was lazy. So where shall I start my search? Under the Right fairing? Left fairing? Both? What say the experts? Which hoses would they have removed or loosened to install the header?
They would not have loosened any hoses.They would however have un-bolted the rad,and moved it forward. start there.

Also,if the dealer did the install,they are responsible for things they fug up along the way. I would take it back to them to fix.

Thanx Rubb. So if it isn't a hose clamp, what might it be? I know I should bring it back to the "stealership" but it's 20 miles away and even if they are responsible, they'll find a way to NOT be responsible! But if your thinking its Not something very minor, I'll get the ole trailer out!
They SHOULD not have loosened any hoses.They would however have un-bolted the rad,and moved it forward. start there.


Made a little adjustment there... You never know with these dealership guys. I get the idea that most of them had never even seen a bike before they were hired to work on them.
I would take it back to them. What if the so called tech nicked yer rad?
You could take all the plastics off,find a whole in the rad,then they would definately blame you. If yer dead set against them touching it further,yer going to have to pull the sides yerself to get a close up view of whats going on. Maybe a hose is just a little loose,maybe the rad cap is loose,etc. Once you get the plastics off,fired it up and as it gets warmer the leak should present itself.

This is a bit "Monday Morning quarterback" my friend...but this is why I never let anyone touch my bike.

Good luck bro.

i agree that they could well have dinged the radiator or pushed the fan into it...real easy to do if they try doing the headers single handed.
You should have called them or taken it back the second you sensed a problem. Time is an excuse.
...next chapter; I decided to remove the fairings and take a peak before pointing fingers at the dealer. Found it. A pin hole behind my WOLO Bad Boy Air horn. Before you all nominate me for the Hall of Shame, know that I was really careful when I installed it and it never contacted the radiator. Was on there for a year without issue. No evidence of the front fender hitting it either. I have no doubt that when the stealership installed the header, They nicked it! If they moved the radiator forward without removing the horn, that would've done it!
So moment of choice: Since there isn't a chance in hell that they will take responsibility, do I suck it up, trailer it there and pay them to install the radiator they damaged or do I buy a Radiator and install it myself? I'm okay with the install part but am uncomfortable with the whole flushing and making sure there's no air.... :banghead:

One of those days when all you can do is tell yourself "It beats having an accident!"
......and as I thought. The dealer assumes No Responsibility and ONLY wants over a Grand to install a new Radiator!
Time to call Justin.
Guys & Gals! I'm gonna needs some tips on Installing & Flushing and some moral support!! ....and I'm already looking into a Radiator Guard! Might have helped!