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Just wondering if there were any LSR only forums for the bike or BUSA community? I've done some searching on all the BUSA forums but haven't really found everything I need. Anyone recommend anything....?

I think this may finally be the year for me to get to Maxton or Texas Mile and I'm trying to prep the bike for tech. I just want to make sure I haven't missed anything and have everything covered that I need (bike, body, gear, etc.).

Is this the most current set of rules and has anything changed since these came out...?


I'm geargin up for the LSR at Maxton in May-i been draggin my feet on the membership fees but once you pay, they will send you a rule book and you can run thru the checklist of what is needed for your bike to run in a specific class; found out from Guy @ Tiger Racing I'm guna be stuck in Modified/Partial Streamlined bcuz of my +9" arm out back so I have even more stuf the Tech guys are guna be lookin for.

Grab Rule book, check ECTAs site, and also hit there are a few LSR peeps over there n Guy is a sponsor so he's around to poke n ask questions too

good luck, n mebbe we'll see each other in May!
we're all over the place..., extreme,, here, there... has a good chat section for LSR.

Just post up questions you have and they'll get answered.
Well - the answer is a little cryptic.

The Busa is inarguably, the most common bike you will see at any land speed event. At Bonneville I counted over 20 of them. Wonder why that is... sorry couldn't resist.

Anyway, has a great forum for LSR chat and it's broken out by location e.g. El Mirage, Bonneville, Maxton... It won't be "bike only" but we all stick together. You can speak directly with John Noonan, Scott Horner, Jason McVicar... Some of them are already here among you....

I noticed Rocky Robinson is contributing at the busanation so you can ping him there and of couse, there's us here at the org.
Thanks guys! I'm on most of those site so I'll keep reading however, I can't seem to get to work. It keeps saying the boards will be back up when the new owners take over. Oh well, I guess I'll just start in with the questions here to see what you guys/gals think....

Going right down the list of rules:

1. 7.A.1 Rider's License:
Land Speed Record attempts or Record Trials are open to allECTA members in good standing. Competitors 18 and over must current and valid state driver's license.

Does this mean with motorcycle endorsement or just a current auto drivers license...? I'm also active duty military so my license never expires (technically) but how will the event people see it out of date...?

2. 7.B.5 Headlight and other lens:
All glass lenses must be taped to retain breakage. On headlights, the tape is limited to the glass lens. Toavoid heat build up, lamps may be rendered inoperative

BUSA headlights are plastic, do they still need to be taped off or are they good...?

3. 7.B.9 Valve Stems and Caps:
All tire valve stems must be fitted with metal valve caps. Over 175 MPH, tubeless tires must use metal valve stems.

Anything special here or are normal (auto) metal valve stems and caps ok...?

4. All axle retaining nuts, and axle caps must be safety wired or otherwise secured by visually verifiable means. Lock washers, self-locking nuts or thread locking compounds do not meet this requirement.

So the front axle still needs to be safety wired even though they removed the pinch bolt requirement...? How do you normally do this and does anyone have pics...? Does the rear axle need to be safety wired also or is a cotter pin acceptable...? What about the oil filter...? I didn't see anything in the rules about this but have read about it on several other sites...?

5. 7.B.26 Batteries:
All batteries shall be properly secured with metal hold downs, framework and fasteners. Plastic tie-downs are not allowed. OEM battery hold-downs may not be adequate.

Does the BUSA really require a metal hold down even though it has a rubber strap and (in addition) the seat bolting down over the top of it...? If so who sells them or what do you guys normally make for this requirement...?

6. 7.C.1 Driver's Helmet:
All riders must wear a full-face helmet with face shield, which must meet Snell Foundation M2000 or later specifications. No open face helmets will be allowed. Helmets will be visually inspected at least once each year. Helmets must be undamaged, unmodified and in serviceable condition. Eyeglasses worn under the helmet must be shatterproof.

Does it have to say M2000 on the helmet...? My helmet says DOT/British certified but I don't see a SNELL sticker. I am using a SUOMY Spec1-R with a 2003 certification. Would this pass or do I need to buy another brand helmet...?

7. 7.C.2 Leathers:
Leathers certified by a recognized manufacturer to be suitable for the application are required. One-piece suits or two-piece suits zippered together are allowed. Required over 175 MPH: One-piece leathers or
two-piece leathers with full (270 degree) metal zipper. Also required over 175 MPH: Special protective armor, as produced by a recognized manufacturer, with minimum coverage at elbows, knees, shoulders, hips and back. Undergarments having the required armor coverage are acceptable, when the undergarment is worn with the required leather suit.

I have a 2-piece European racing suit made by Vanucci. Will this pass though it isn't probably a well known US brand...? It has the approved zipper and inner protective armor. Is there any other requirement...? I had heard something about the suit being 100% leather and nothing else even in max movement/bending areas...?

8. 7.C.3 Boots: Zipper, buckle or lace up leather boots of substantial construction are required and must be at least 8 in. high.

Do they have to be 100% leather...? I have Joe Rocket road racing boots with more armor than you can count in them. They aren't leather where the armor attaches but otherwise most of it is leather.

9. 7.C.4 Gloves: Leather gloves are required. No perforated or skeleton gloves are permitted.

Does this mean no breather holes AT ALL...?


So I understand this correctly, a stock BUSA falls under the P/P-1350/4 class...?

A production motorcycle model of which 500 or more have been produced and which are available for sale to the general public through retail motorcycle dealers and is completely equipped with full lighting equipment, frame, forks, wheels, brakes, gas and oil tank (if OEM), fenders and seat. The motorcycle must appear identical in all respects to the production model it represents, including the intake air box and exhaust system. The exhaust system, looking at the end (down its centerline) shall be unmodified, i.e. the exit diameter of the canister (muffler) cannot be enlarged. This comparison will be made when the bike is assembled as ready to run. Any performance modifications must be out of view.
The only modifications which may or must be made are as follows:


7.E.1.2 Footrests:
Must be the original equipment. Passenger footrests must be removed.

Does this mean factory paint and or powder coating...? Just wondering if powder coating the rear-sets will take me out of the production class even though they remain stock in appearance BUT are a different color than factory equipped...?

12. 7.E.1.4 Air cleaner element, toolbox, and license plate bracket:
These may be removed.

Does that mean the factory mud flap/license plate bracket or do I have to put that back on...?

13. 7.E.1.11 Suspension height adjustment:
OEM Specification for minimum ground clearance must be met.

Does that mean no lowering whatsoever...? If not, how low can I go and by what means...? Will links and a strap pass tech or do I have to have a triple tree...?

Anything else I need to research and look into...? I'm searching all I can but haven't found much else that I need to question or change. Any other tips or ideas from those that have been....?

I'd like to run my bike stock from the factory (other than GPS mod) in the production class and then on return trips do the basic mods in my goal of going 200mph+ on a stock motor. I'm 6' 2" 200lbs. so I don't know how much that will factor into this but am willing to find out...

Now I just need to lock in my new job so I can make the May or June gathering...
lots of questions (but they're all the same ones I had). Let me start with a couple and come back for a couple more..

First - where will you race? The answers depend on it. I run at El Mirage and Bonneville so my answers likely only apply to that.

For the license requirements - check with the tech advisors ahead of time. Get a rule book or visit their website - all the contacts will be in either of those places. For El Mirage, they didn't check my Motorcycle cert or they may have and I didn't notice. In any case - you should have your Motorcycle cert right? Since you're riding and all.... ;)

The valve stems - yes you need metal stems and caps. You don't want any rubber things flopping around when those wheels get to spinnin' Just have a bike shop install them. It will cost you about $90-$150 bucks plus the stems.

Tape all your lenses. Don't worry - it's not to protect you - it's so you don't leave broken bits of glass/plastic on the race course if you crash. I lay a couple strips of electrical tape over the lenses and that seems to be good. For extra speed, use checkered flag tape (thanks Mike!).

Yes everything must be safety wired. I can send pics if you like. Axle nut, pinch bolts, axles, just read the exact words and do that. I failed tech at El Mirage on my 08' for not having the front axle wired and had to find a drill and bits (in the middle of the desert) and install the wire... Not fun - just do it all ahead of time.

Battery - yep need a metal hold down. I had one tech inspector say I didn't have to do it on a stock bike but again - you spent a lot of prep time getting there. No need to fail for something you had plenty of time to do.

Helmet - Yes needs M2000 cert. You won't be allowed to ride without it. And it's not the sticker on the outside. They look inside for it (deep inside)

Leathers - for SCTA - all cow all the time. The only hole that's allowed is the one they put in it when they peen a brass inspection tag into your new no-hole leathers and your wife punches you in the stomach because they just rammed a hole in your new no-hole leathers. You'll need custom ones. Don't bother trying to find something off the shelf. Plan on 4-5 weeks for them to be made up and don't wait till last minute. I use ZCustom leathers and they are TOP NOTCH. Tell them I said hello!

*note - you CAN pass with cheapy leathers that have silicon goo'd over the armpit and knee holes but why worry about the MAYBE I'LL PASS.. Also, post for folks that have LSR leathers for sale. Some will. My buddy sold a set at El Mirage that were spec ok. YMMV if you're not custom made.

Gloves and boots - again all cow all the time. The gloves SHOULD have a gauntlet on them. Reason is if you crash and are sliding with your hands out, the gloves will tend to roll up and expose your sensitive skin.. So get leather gloves with NO TEXTILE PATCHES and make sure they have a gauntlet. None of those fancy joe rocket skeleton gloves will work. Have to be all leather. Boots can be heavy leather lace up jobbies that cover the ankle (high cover work boots) but a set of motorcycle boots is only a hundred bucks. You take your chances if they're not all leather. Again If you wanted to do something other than leather, I would email a pic of the boots to the tech inspector ahead of time.

more later
Since you are quoting ECTA rules, it only makes sense that it is Maxton you are concerned with (and only that venue I'm qualified to answer questions for).

I'd advise getting a 'rulebook' in your hands (if you haven't already) and then feel free to call me once you're serious about running (there's General Competition Requirements in the rulebook that you won't find in the online MC portion of the rules). I'm sorry but there are alot of questions here for me to type answers to this time of year (only to have more questions possibly arise from my answers).
I'd reccomend to anyone that hasn't ran with the ECTA in 2008 or hasn't studied the new rulebook in depth to do so before advising on ECTA rules (as the entire rulebook has changed this year).

A motorcycle only portion of the rules are here(html version):

My contact info can be found here:

Hope to see you at the track,

There's a ECTA Yahoo group you can join at:
Thanks guys, I'll have a look when I get some time.

I'm looking to do a couple events at Maxton first and then finish off at the Texas Mile since I may be moving there in a few months.
I'm planning on Maxton in September, and got the rule book a month or two ago.

The only thing that jumped out at me as non-intuitive is the front axle needs to be wire tied, but the hole for the wire tie is made with a drill through the bottom of the forks and you wire tie from there.

I saw you post in the yahoo groups forum and totally agree that a write up for Busa owners wanting to try LSR would help.

Count me in as helping either to type or to edit.
We'll try to get something together on our web page. We've been working on some examples of the commonly questioned items. They'll all be linked off of this page:
and this one

My hubby Todd & I are ECTA Techs. I know there's some good examples on but some of what is out there is what was required through 2007. 2008 has new rules so read & apply appropriately or you'll find yourself doing more then is "needed". Extra security is never a bad thing but read carefully if you want to know what is required.