Lake Tahoe ride on Aug. 14


I am heading up to Tahoe for the day on Aug. 14 and wanted to see if anyone else wants to ride. I figure get up there via highway 50, take a cruise around the lake and when we get into south Tahoe stop and do a little gambling. If anyone is interested let me know.
wish I was out there to ride with ya....just a little too far from here

have a great ride!
yeah the wife is going away for 4 days so its party at my house and a ride to Tahoe to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery on the west coast
if anyone is coming from far or just wants to crash at my place, just let me know and we can make arrangements, my house isn't real big, but it is big enough
I'll be riding alot the following wknd and we may make towards Tahoe... not sure yet. All are welcome to come.
I still plan on taking the ride to Tahoe this weekend, the plan is to leave my house in El Dorado Hills around 11 or so, take 50 all the way up and then ride the loop around the lake. Stop at Harrah's and do a little gambling, and stop anywhere for food or drinks when we get hungry. If you are interested drop me a line