Tahoe last Saturday


Rode to the Lake Tahoe area last Saturday, 348 miles on the bike. Here are some pix.

Lake Tahoe on a clear day

One of the local Passes

We do have some Colors in the fall

Was thinking I might have to get off and give them a push

Last stop before heading down the mountain

Had a great time, lots of twisties  :D

Ride safe  
Sweat pics man, Thanks... Man I miss mountains...
Gary, nice ride! You were alone? What route did u take?
I was comin down hwy 20 alone from Reno and saw a red busa goin up about 6 pm, anyone of our guys?
- Kent

I actually was in Chico late Friday night. Took my son up to visit some friends. Hauled the bike up in the pick-up. He drove the truck home on Sat.
I knew you were going to Reno sat, thought about going along, but just wanted to ride that day.

Yep, I was alone on this one. Most always ride with a friend in the mountains, safer that way.

Chico to 70, up through Quincy to Tahoe.
Took 89 across the hwy 4 (ebbets pass) down 4 to home.
Left Chico at 9:20am (a bit late), got to my house at 7:30pm. A long day, but a very good ride. As you know the weather was great :D

I know you are planning a ride on the 10/25, but I can not make that date. Any other rides you make post them, Thanks

Ride safe  
Now you guys know why I live here. Come up and visit anytime! Once you see it, you'll want to buy a home here too.

Did I mention I am a Realtor?:laugh: