Laguna Seca trackday Friday13th


I didn't know what to expect from a completely stock Busa at Laguna so I signed up for B+ instead of A group. Boy was I surprised. The Busa gets an A+. I even did a Rossi pass through the dirt at the Corkscrew. I'll post the link when Sam gets around to posing it. The Q3's worked tons better than the stockers. I can't say that the front tire was that much better over the OEM, but the 190/55 rears in Q3 was stellar for a road tire. It was a fantastic day!
Turn 4


Turn 5, Busa making friends
The Busa was so stable it was almost relaxing on a flow track like Laguna. It turned out to be one of the funnest track days ever for me.
I'm really surprised they let you out on track with your mirrors on and license plate on out back.
What's with the dude in the last picture (#4) with his head light glowing?
Keigwins is a very cool and lenient trackday provider. Lucky to have him here but yes, the lights must be disabled but u can have taped mirrors
Great shot of you on the Corkscrew, showing the elevation drop! Thanks for sharing.
Great pics. Doing my first track day on my Busa tomorrow. Looking forward to getting out and having some fun over here at the Spokane Raceway. What pressures were you running front and rear? From what I have been finding, I was going to start out at 32f/30r cold and check them after each session. Thanks - Erik
That's exactly what I ran and never re-checked because the tires hooked up so well and the wear pattern was ideal. I did not use tire warmers and accidentally mounted the front wheel backwards causing the tread pattern to rotate the wrong way. Fortunately for me, the rim is symmetrical and the tires seemed to perform the same because of dry pavement. I didn't find out till the 4th session when someone else started laughing and told me about it. If that's the worst that Friday the 13th can throw at me, so be it! Got 220 miles out of the track day. Now to mount the front wheel in the right direction and to grind off the weld and remove the quiet inserts from the free Yosh slip-ons.