Lag time or latency on the site....


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Hey guys its been a few weeks since we moved servers and I want to do a little follow up poll to find out how the changes went.. Are you guys seeing any slowness or latency? Is the site loading quickly? Is it faster or slower than other sites?

Let me know what you see.


Seems to be pretty good for the most part. I have noticed a couple slow load times the last few days but it sort of hard to quantify with a cable connection at 2900k. I have had a problem of not being able to download any movies no matter what approach I take.
Hey Cap does the new server not respond to ping requests? I just tried four times and got 100% loss on all of them.
no pingy, ICMP packets are absorbed......

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yeah, you all know me as a whiner, but I don't think the speed is as good as it used to be. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I know the cool flag applet thingy at the top isnt helping, sometimes it sits waiting to load that. durring peak afternoon/evening times it's not great but very usable. often I will open links in a new window and keep scanning while it 'loads' in the background. as a basic user, I feel the speed has dropped about 15 - 20 % since last year. This is the same both at home on cable and at work T1s. Probably mostly due to growth. I REALLY DO appriciate your efforts, but I also know you want people to give it to you strait or you will never know if there is a problem. my honest 2 cents
Keep up the good work!!!
PS I use Windows XP Pro and IE 6, Firefox .8 browsers

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Is fairly slow for me and I'm on a cable connection.  The only time it moves as quick as other sites is in the early morning, after 2am ish.

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I get some serious latency when opening PMs, dropped packets er somthin? the board is a little slow loading from thread to thread and submitting posts, but tolerable... I have verizon DSL...
Krieg check your firewall, the banners and background load from a completely different server and T1. They come from\\

ok, I thought it was sort of strange too. Didn't even realise there were banners till earlier today when I disabled my NAV and wala a hole new world opened up for me.
Just did another check and it is the same. When I activate my Norton internet security it blocks everthing extra on the site like the Hayabusa background and all of the banners except for the live support one at the top of every page. Is this because it thinks they are all pop ups? Why the background?