Kickstand Removal

I recently installed dual slip-on Voodoo exhaust tips on my 2012 Hayabusa. I ran into kickstand clearance issues with the exhaust, so I needed to install the supplied bushings. I actually used my brain for once and researched the best way to remove the kickstand beofre attempting. I found that several people where stripping the bolts. These bolts are in the bikes frame. Long story short I used a soldering iron to heat the bolt without melting the fairings and wiring. The bolts were heated one at a time to for 5 minutes to loosen the lock tight. Then I used a 1/2" drive 10mm bit on a breaker bar to remove the two frame bolts for the kickstand. I hope this helps someone. I drove myself crazy fearing stripping frame bolts in a brand new bike.:please:


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Mine came right off with no heat. But heating lock tight is an old trick so good tip if someone's bolts are to tight:thumbsup:
Isn't it just 2 17mm bolts and a 4mm allen? Really easy just be careful not to strip it.

EDIT: Never mind, thats for a Gen 1, I haven't done it on a Gen 2.

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