Keep it cool


The Watcher
Just remember keep your Turbos cool on high boost runs. These are runs on boost for over a couple of miles at the top.

1. Use high Octane gas
2. use an intercooler
3. You a water mist system
4. make sure you timiming is well set in the negative
5. view you PC II map or have some take a look at the map.
NE: Could you explain what these runs are like? What if I am heavy in boost running through the gears? What about running at say 7-8k for a few minutes? What is the highest sustainable RMP where this is not an issue? Are you talking about MAX boost or any amount of boost?

Sorry for the all the questions, but this is of GREAT interest to me. Now that you added the mister, are you increasing boost, or was it just a safety precaution?

No problem. On and off is not a problem. Sustained at max boost is what I am talking about. When you boost you should see your boost gauge go all the way up to 9 or 10 and back down to 8psi. When you continue to boost and hold your boost at 8psi for a mile or 2 then you need to think about cooling. For most normal everyday riding up and down you doo not need to be concerned.

i am thinking about putting a Pyrometer on my bike just to monitor a little more. I ahve the A/P and the Halmeter andt the boost gauge at present. Oh and by the way you can never ask too many questions, that is what this board is for. Help each other.
Thanks NE! As you know, reliability is my top concern, and burning out pistons would be a real drag! I was thinking of adding a fuel pressure guage and maybe a A/F or Hall meter...

What is the A/P and the pyrometer?
I was also curious about the Xylene you have mentioned a couple of times on the board. As you know, I am a chemist so I have access to stockpiles of xylene and toluene. How much do you add to the fuel when you are going for a sustained boost run?
Hey Ninja how much did the mist kit cost, if you don't mind me asking. But the turbo is going on soon.
I got the Kit used the first time from a good source. $350.00 great price but it did not work. Boust a new pump for the kit for another $300.00 So I paid what you would for a new kit. The biggest thing you have to watch with the pump is tha it does not go dry. If it goes dry it will burn out. So think about putting a light sensor on. Use Windshield washer fluid. It is the best thing you can use. Easy to get easy to see and works better then water. You will also need to set the Mist to go on 5-6lbs of boost and up. Start at 8lbs and move down after each ride if need be. They are pre-set at 10lbs which is to high.