Kanji carbon fiber tank bra


just bought a suzuki carbon fiber tank bra and i cant seem to get the wrinkles out...it seems to not really fit tight as in the pictures..'magine that........thats messed up that suzuki cant even make stuff to fit thier own bike..damn......any suggestions on getting a tighter fit?? it said the sun would shrink it ..ummm yea, whatever...tried it, aint workin..thanx
Actually, the sun did help mine out some. It took a couple of days, but eventually it evened out a lot.
patience grasshoppa, patience. If it bubbles a little, just take off the seat and tuck it down a little and it will level itself off. The time it takes for it to straighten itself out far outweighs the amount of time you will have wasted buffing out belt buckle and zipper scratches out of the tank.. If all else fails maybe you just got a defective one and plead your case for a new one....
after i had a little gasoline spill i took it off and put it in the washer 5 mins gentle cycle dried it low for 10 mins and as elephant man would say "GOOD TO GO"
Which one did you buy? Suzuki had two different types. One was fake carbon fiber and even from the picture in the magazine it looked like crap. I've also seen it on a few other bikes and it makes the bike look like garbage.

For a few dollars more I bought the one with real carbon fiber on the sides and the soft leather like material in the center. It fits like a glove and looks incredible.
If that's the one you bought give it a few days to settle down and it'll look great.

If you bought the other one see if the dealer will take it back as I don't think there is any hope for that model.
yea i got the one with the CF on either side and the symbol in the middle ...its pretty cool once it straightens out..ive seen the other cheesy ones...this one looked better on my '03 grey and silver...thanx guys!
I got the "piece of sh*it cheesey looking one" and it actually looks great on my black and grey 03 and guess what it fits perfectly smooth without any screwing around. Sounds like your kanji one is the piece of sh*t.

You can always buy a MagKnight one. They are sure to fit totally smooth.

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Dude, the Suzuki Carbon Paneled Bra is hopeless. I dig the Bra, But the Carbon panels will not stretch the same as the rest and a few wrinkles are inevitable. I tried everything, even velcro on the underside, no go... Turns out the panels are stitched on over a bottom layer, the fact that it is REAL carbon fibre doesn't help either. SO don't spend hours on it, there doesn't seem to be anyway to get all the wrinkles out. But I love the extra leg gripage the Bra provides so I have just dealt with the wrinkles, after awhile it's just not a big deal. My recomendation for a wrinkle free high quality Bra is Second look I think it is... I'll prolly be getting one soon and you can even get em' with color matched kanji's embroidered...