JohnnyCheese!! The Sqeek eliminator


Well, :crazy:

This is a good one! I got my JohnnyCheese PCIIIr this morning(Thur.). I knew it would be a simple and painless install, and guess what I was wrong!! Went to work and decided to come home early to do the install, I'm a realtor so it's easy to come and go! hehe. Got home went to the "Busa Shed" Flipped up the tank and started going to town. I got my new painted inners the other day so I thought this would be a good time for the install also. As I was doing the inners I noticed what looked like cotton under my air box. After pulling out the cotton crap to my surprise I noticed a wire that looked bare?:super:? OH CRAP IT'S A COIL WIRE!!! So then I thought I better go further! So after removing the tank, air box, both side fairings I came to the conclusion that when I left the bike at the lake this summer in a barn a DAM mouse decided to go hog wild on my baby. So my 30min install turned into hell, kinda. I had to cut and re-solder two coil wires where there was bare wire showing through, that little bastard even chewed some strands on one! Now I'm all better :) By the time I got the bike back together it was 11pm and Cold(35*) so no ride, but it starts!!!!

So I gotta say thanks to Johnny again, not only did he save me money on the PCIIIr but he also saved my health!!! What would I have done if this thing would have crapped out let's say 500miles from home?? I would've been sick that it died, and with no apparent reason............

Thanks Johnny,