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I can't get the friggin' PCIIIR software to load on my PC. When I click to install the software it gives me this crap. Any advice? I don't guess anyone would answer the phone at Dynojet this late...

cant remember if it has XP as a selection... if not, install the WIN2000 version.

..... and report back.
I just downloaded the latest version of the Power Commander Control Center software from the site and it installed. I didn't see a choice of operating systems anywhere at any time. Is the Control Center what I use to load a map to the PC? :super: I tell ya what, the instructions that come with the PC SUCK, especially in regards to software. Absolutely nothing about it in my PC box!!!!!!!!!
I got it from cheese but I doubt he's at the shop right now... I guess I'll get with him later.
Bring it down here and I'll polish it up for you... Seriously, if you're ever in Georgia (pronounced Jawja by the way) hit me up. I'll hook you up with a grilled steak and some beverages of your choosing... ;)
I got a PC II from JohnnyCheese for my '01 busa. The map that was loaded in it from him was great except for a stutter at 3500 RPM, so I PM'ed him about it and he told me that he had another map for me to try, and to give him my E-mail address so he could send it to me. I had to have him spell out how to put the CD in and load that to my computer, then go to my e-mail and open the attachment (map) and specify a file to send it to so I clicked browse and C drive and then found the powercommander folder and clicked on it and the map was sent to it. I haven't been able to try and load the map he sent to my PCII since I got mandatory OT here at the Prison that I work at(guess everybody wanted to go out for halloween tonight). So, I'm gonna' get my friends laptop and load the powercommander CD in it, and the new map J.C. sent me and try and load it to the PCII tomorrow. BTW, I run Windows XP and am as about as computer illiterate as they come, but this seems to working for me(i'll keep my fingers crossed!!).Anyway BT, do you get that message on your computer when trying to load the powercommander program from the CD, or when trying to download from the site? I e-mailed back & forth with JohnnyCheese 'til about 1:30 am this morning - HE IS THE MAN WHEN IT COMES TO THIS STUFF , and I don't care what anyone says(read dave the dillweed) about him being short or tempermental - he put up with my dumb ass questions half the night and was more patient with me than prolly most others would have been. Bullet, hope you get it figgered out, btw, howd that hindle map that was sent with your pipe come, on a CD, or a floppy?

PS , Thanks again JohnnyCheese for the BIG HELP

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cache got me squared away on how to load a map. I was getting the error while trying to install the stuff from the CD that came with the PCIIIR. I got the software from their site and it's working fine. I'm waiting for the Brock map for my combo to be e-mailed to me. I had it mailed already but I evidently deleted it with some other mail. I think I'm good to go as soon as I get the map in my hands again. Thanks though, Pit... :beerchug:

BTW, I agree about cheese though. The map he installed in my PCIIIR was awesome on my stock busa. It improved driveability a LOT! I'll likely see what he's got worked up for the BDE Gen III on a busa and compare the two on the dyno back to back. I think it'd be interesting to see which one works best for my bike.
hey BT lemme know about any map that cheese has for the Gen III. I'm installing that exhaust this winter and I'll be looking for a map....besides the one BDE provides.