Jerry Rig license plate holder

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I just used an aluminum L bracket.

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Herez a picture of the L-bracket I used. I now its cheesy but it'll do for now.

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Thanks KS. I got mo time than money!!!!!!!!!!!!
O'k for all those that think this is a bad location and will scrape
when getting down on here . Paste your eyes on the Chicken edge strip . Not bad huh?

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Personally I dont care for my plate hangin out there for everyone to see. I have a friend who has had his plate stolen twice. I have mine attatched to the back of the battery box with a nylon flat license plate screw. I put tape on the inside so it wont hurt the battery.

As far as I know this is legal in most states. Mi law says "visible from 20 feet behind vehicle" although law states it must be lit up. I have never had the police even mention it. Other states law say 'visible from 10 feet' but this should be ok.

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