Ive been reading the boards for about 2 years now...


And just finally joined :thumbsup:

I just picked up my second busa, a blue '07 with 1200 miles on it. I bought it from a friend of the family, going through a divorce, and got it on the cheap. So, its time to actually log on here, as this one is getting built right.

I am also going to be listing my 03 busa. I just cant have two of these, and my wife without a bike...LOL, you married guys with wives who ride understand.

At any rate, this is my official intro. I'll be much more active on here over the next few months.

Thanks for posting up and officially, :welcome: Cant wait to see pics of the new bike. My wife rides too, so she is very understanding.
:welcome: to the family!

Great place, great people.

Congrats on the '07; good luck with the '03; ride safe!

Welcome to the club.

Ill get some pics of the 07 here in a bit. It was painted a gunmetal color, with gloss black rims. The 03 is silver and blue.