New to the forum

Hey guys im new to the forum but ive had my busa for about 6 months now ive been on here as a guest checking out the great info and mods yall write up and its great stuff so I figured id join and get to know people. Heres a quick picture I snapped of it in the drive way

Hey guys thanks for the warm welcoming to the org and I figured id talk about my hayabusa basically I bought it about 8 months ago and have done some changes to it ill post up old pics of my bike but as far as upgrades it has a power commander and quickshifter on it and ive done a good amount of cosmetics like replacing fairings and all that good stuff I just hit 38k miles on it yesterday and it is a 01, The grey doesnt look to bad in the pics but up close they were all pretty scratched. Sorry about the blurry last pic





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