It"s official going to the dragon


Finally getting ready to go down to see the dragon . After years of hearing people talk and show vids and pics , I am finally getting to go see it with my own two eyes and my own two tires lol.

On july 18 th we are going to head down to London ky and from there , we are going to shoot down south to the dragon and stay at deals gap motel for the night .

then we will be heading south from there .

Its going to be a five day trek .......just us men me ,my pop , and my uncle .

The last long trip we did together was a ten day trip to Canada and back , and that trip was good but not as many curves ,or scenery.

Any of you going to be at the dragon riding your tails off .....if so ....when you see a blue cooler wiz by ...that's me lol .

macaroni , Doug

thought I would just throw the last two words in just for sheets and giggles :laugh::poke::laugh:
Jealous! I still have not made it to the Dragon!
Sounds like a fun route. Looking forward to pics.

Really....macaroni! Rofl
thanks guys .. I will try to be as safe as I can ...especially the dragon since it will be my first ...and im hoping I get to ride all the roads in the area before we leave out .

...oh and anyone here about the blue ridge parkway ...I think that's what its called ... apparently its 460 miles off a ridge ...lots of scenery?
Wow, riding the dragon is cool, but riding with your dad has to be awesome!
Glad you have the opportunity to share that experience! :beerchug:

I can't wait to go we are leaving this week ...I always have fun riding with my dad ...we both love to ride and we don't get to do this a lot so when we can we have as much fun when we do
Be safe on the Dragon, its more about watching other ppl than it is watching the road. A lot of people ride way out of their limits to impress a camera out there. The Cherahola Skyway in my opinion is much better and is a must if you are going to the Dragon.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a great road, lots of corners and lots of scenery, also lots of wildlife last time I rode it I hit a turkey about the size of a mack truck. Watch for bikers, hikers and birds. Low speed limit and several cops. Make sure you fuel up before hand because there is nothing on the parkway
Bad time to come at the moment. Part of the dragon is down to 1 lane. There is always the skyway and the foothills. love both of those roads