is this why there are so many DUI's in Pennsylvania??


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mere coincidence? :laugh::laugh:beerchug:0__s:

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No coincidence at all....... For those of you who aren't familiar with PA there is a Bar, liquor store, or distributor on every block of every city and town and sometimes all of the above. PA's #1 source of revenue has to come from DUI's that's how every Police force in every town manages to have nice shiny new cop cars and S.U.V's annually even though they claim to not have any funding for repairs, roads, or schools and etc. :whistle: Im not a big drinker like that because Im more into health and fitness so I havent joined the club as of yet but friends, family, coworkers, and even upper management and so called pillars of the community have @ least 1 DUI on their record its like as common as getting a parking ticket around here ???