Is a real windscreen an option?


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I am only 5'9" so I thought it would not be an issue. The stock windscreen does nothing but look cool. Guess I am off shopping again. Does anyone have a picture of a Euro flip up on a Busa? I would like to see one. Otherwise it looks like DB.

Still have perma grin.


Thanks dezzy7.

That would be fantastic. Do you like and and where did you get it?

"Do you like and and where did you get it?"

Ack! What I meant was, Do you like it and where did you get it. Geeeze. Sorry.
LazerBlade your Excitment is coming through in your typing, it will express itself in other ways as well.  Try having a conversation with an old friend or even dear ole' Mom without bringin up your new toy...I suppose it gets better eventually but it's been about a month and I am still grinning...

I really like the the Double Bubble more than Euro flip, and at your size you might want to try the DB first. The upshot is that swapping screens is about a 6 minute process so you could buy a variety depending on what your doing.  An iridium Visor on your SE could look really sweet!!! Otherwise ZG or PB DB in Dark Smoke looks nice.
ZG/ DB i have been happy with it. They also make a tourning model which goes up a little higher for 6 footers. @ 5' 9" you would be able to hide behind both versions easily. i am 5' 10.5" and can uck under mine well. If you go low don't get the extra dark smke, because it is very dark...
hey Lazer....a company called Givi makes 'em . They dont show a busa on their web site , but I have seen them in my shops catalog . They are about the best wind protection yer gonna get ( without nailing a 4x8 sheet of plywood to the front) they look ok...I kinda like the busa pic...which I dont have here at the house...but here's a couple on sister suzooks.

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This one is outrages..but works well--get the clear one and lay on a tankbag..totall silence..amazing...
go to It's called the overscreen..can be installed with stock screen in place..just looks to funky..remove stock screen [very easy] and use som Kragen door-edje trim or make it look pro.
Company tested it to 176mph... price 100.00...David Cork will send you one from Truckee,CA--he's a good guy to deal with.
plus they have alum. bolt and Ti kits..lighten a Busa...Only draw back..when sitting up more wind force on the upper relieve wrist pressure..ouch..
Ps ..Racer types won't like this thing..But "HEY" it's still a Busa

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Thanks all. Tell me about your bags PaceMaster. What are they and do they come off easy?

Only draw back..when sitting up more wind force on the upper relieve wrist pressure..ouch..
Ok...(small rant) Maybe it's me...I had a '93 GSXR and put 73k miles on it and the wind hit me from the lower ribs up, (I'm 6') and leaning into the wind helped keep the pressure off my hands. I got the 'Busa and the wind hits me from the shoulders up which equals more pressure on the hands. Eh, so I have to go faster to get the same effect. Sure I have to duck a little to see I'm doin' 80mph, with the glare from the windscreen, but I can always see my turn signal indicators. And another thing...I don't have to tuck 'til 120, us skinny guys seem to have less wind resistance. Anybody have a spare stock screen I can have to cut lower so I can see the guages and get more wind to keep the pressure off the hands?
Ok I'm done, just my 2c really.
And yes, the stock screen looks the best.
Hello Lazerblade..the bags are "Givi's" cheapest and smallest
plastic..they [using a key] snap off and on very easily..179.00
for the pair..will hold a six pack ea..with some room to spare.
Now for important you have the "steel subframe"
If you do you can get two different styles of mounting brackets...tubular or the other style..go to
He's an American in Germany..sells Givi stuff...You can't buy
mounting kits in the US because some Busa's with the Aluminum subframes snapped in half...with the extra load..
Bags loaded plus far i have two upped with full prob..Ps 01 and newer Busa's have the steel subframe. Givi makes some coolbags..Look at an 03 V-Strom
at yer local Suzuki shop...size does matter..