Iridium IX Spark Plug


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I needed new spark plugs. I received a new set of Iridium IX spark plugs for my birthday last week. My question is: Is there a obvious improvement using these plugs over the regular?

I found them to smooth out my acceleration. With my crappy online map, I get bad surging around 3000 rpms, with the iridium plugs it almost eliminated (just a little hesitation now). So for me, it burns better which translates to a smoother ride.
No, but on my turbo bikes they last forever. The stock Honda NGK gold palladiums needed to be replaced every 2K miles as stated in the owners manual (they weren't kidding either!).

When the Iridiums came out I gave them a try and so far with about 5K miles on each set they still look like brand new and I haven't even regapped them once.

For a non turbo engine they're overkill imo.
I don't think its over kill...I replaced is noticeable smoothness is there...I'm happy with it...