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Dear Everyone,

I have Allstate Insurance Company, there rates are wrong, just plain wrong! I was wondering what you out there have and what is the best for a Busa!!!!!!
All depends on the State and City. Best record and over 35 sill will get you $900 for full coverage and a full year in Conncecticut.
ok im 21 had my license 3 years no tickets accidents through gmac 785 full coverage for a year try gmac they consider a busa a sport tourer..heheeee gsx1300r insteada gsxr1000....what a sweet technicality....
Northern Illinois-far northwest Chicago suburbs. riding season is really only from may to october at best, probably why the rate is lower. Full year coverage full coverage/liability over 35 y/o no accidents/tickets..Farmers it and weep..

$250.00/YEAR ..not kidding or misrepresenting this...I also went to high school a LONG time ago with my agent.

Keep searchin' you'll find something good.

At 28, USAA is only charging me $880/year for full coverage on the Busa. Much better than I ever expected, so the deals are out there.

I got a quote on a Gix 750 and they wanted 700 per year. That's only a $15 a month difference. I asked to the guy to double check 'cause I thought they made a mistake, but nope.
State Farm in Georgia is only $378 a year and that is after my accident last year. I am 31 and also have my truck insured with them.
Like I had Mentioned in another post, I pay 500 even a year, 35, clean record and full coverage. If I got whats called seasonal coverage, It would cost me about 300 a year, this is full coverage for 7 months and storage coverage for the remainder of months( theft acts of god, Etc.) I didn't choose this option because I like to travel to the south to ride and didn't want to be limited to riding from April to October.
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