Instrument panel


The problem i'm experiencing is that after starting the bike the lcd shows C00. Can anybody tell me what this means?
It is a 2002 Busa.
"C" codes are displayed when the computer is in "Dealer Mode".
Dealer mode is activated when a special suzuki tool is pluged into the Dealer mode Coupler( plug that goes into the ECM harness). Or if a jumper wire has been placed in this connector, which basicly does the same thing as the Suzuki tool.
If you just got your bike back from the Dealer, or just purchased it and picked it up, it's possible the dealer left The "Dealer Mode" Device pluged in on accident, If not, its also possible that there is some type of short related to the wires in or going to the dealer mode connector or harness.
By the way.... a C00 code indicates -No Faults.