Installed the DFO


Well I put the DFO on and it makes a great difference.....2nd gear roll on wheelies and it doesn't backfire when you chop the throttle from hard acceleration. Go get yourself one soon.......way easier to maintain than a PC.
what in the hell is a DFO?

my stupidty strikes again

I have no clue what he is talking about

maybe he means EFI

'O' and 'I', and 'E' and 'D' are really close together
He's talking about the Rev Tech DFO Fuel Injection Performance System............
Gonna have to let Busahigg fill us in on this one......
As I've only heard about this product, no personel experience.
Hmmmm Very similar to another product I have seen I still think the Yosh is the best but to expensive for me. Much better for Nitrous users or Turbos etc. Power commander best buy for the money and it works well.
They cost about $160-200 depending on where you get it. I got mine from a buddy at D and D reasearch and development. Brand new in the box for $100. So I had to get it.

D.F.O. Digital Fuel works like a power commander but without the remapping. It plugs into the injector wires and regulates the fuel air mixture. There are four fuel "pots" (those are the "screws") controls the RPM at set that and don't mess with it. Then you have the other three for low, medium, and high RPM's. Once you get it set you don't have to mess with it. Just a little fine tuning and it's strong. I like it. You guys should check it out.

Crappy pic but you get the idea.

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it is old school stuff.
get a Yosh EMS,PC and if someone would really step up to the plate and do some playing ,Maybe a TEKA.
That is like mapping with the yosh box.
Not tuneable at all