I'm no expert, but I think Macon would be proud (pics)


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This is my first track day at Hallett in Oklahoma. What an experience!

Waiting for my first trip around the track. Nervous.

KS-Waterbug was my photographer for most of these. He did an amazing job. The close-ups were the track photog.






If I didn't need a new tire before today... I do now.

Thanks for sharing in my excitement. I've learned so much from riding with you guys at the Meet N Greets and Busa Bash.


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Awesome pics, :thumbsup: are yall going back anytime soon? i think we are planning on going the 20th of next month. Which is on a Monday. But might go Sunday if anyone else wants to.


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I would love to go on the 20th, but since I have to depend on Sonny to get me there I think a Monday would be out. Hopefully, we can go again in August.


Dis in my way!
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Oh my gosh Beth I will never be able to keep up with you on the Skyway now.....

Where are the pics of Sonny?


Did you say something?
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OK....I will be the 1st to say it....sorry Sonny but Beth is SO HOT on that bike!!!!! Beth, you need to get your butt off the seat a bit but otherwise, it looks like you were doing awesome! :thumbsup:


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Yep, you need a new back tire for sure, now that you aren't wearing just the centers anymore!


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i would like a pic of your chain..:laugh:

Next time let me know when you guys are going, I can be there in no time. :whistle:
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