I need pics of saddle bag mounting details.

Hey guys,

I am looking into getting some saddle bags for my 08. My thing is I want to be able to get to where I am headed, remove the hump and remove the bags then ride around with solo seat and hump. I have researched loads of info on the web and Pashnit, but I can't find any info or pictures of how they mount under the hum. Thats what I want to know if one brand is better over another. I am wondering if the straps are going to rub the paint off the hump where it "pinches" the straps.

Anybody have pics of thier bags mounted with thier hump in place?

And care to share.


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I know LCB has some First Gear saddlebags. They are very easy to remove and put on. Don't know if she has any pics...you may want to PM her...
This seems to be going slow so I will post for my Gen 1, to give you an idea.
It should be the same and SW Motec will make mounts for the Gen II.

My system has 4 small metal pieces that bolt on.
Then it uses a frame that attaches with 1/2 turm fasteners.
There is one of them that has a key lock to prevent theft.
Then the cases (Givi in my case) just snap on (and are locked)
You can take it all off and the only thing that shows is the 4 tabs.








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I have researched loads of info on the web and Pashnit, but I can't find any info or pictures of how they mount under the hump.
Here's my RKA expandable 50L expandable bags. Next year will be 7 years of traveling with these bags. They just work, and the folks over at RKA are just great. RKA is a local outfit in NorCal that's been making bike luggage for 25 years(!) and are well-known round here.

And we've got Group Buy Pricing on these saddlebags through the end of July. Reason I have these over all my other options (other brands, Corbin Beetlebags, etc) is I wanted softbags as love the look of bike without the bags just as much. Something decent size- and not too wide or goofy looking. These are clean, simple and blend right in. Always ride solo- my wife had her own bike (before kids and mommy-work) so have to have the hump. The hump is the Busa!

Bean, the straps just lay right over top of rear of bike. I have a cushy sheet of non-stick counter-top pad thingy that I put in between the bags and the bike that's also black. Got that at Home Depot or home store, I forget.

I really don't think they've altered the clear coat much. The bike looks more aged (80K on mine) than having the paint rubbed off from the bags. I have them way forward so they actually rest on the passenger footpegs to help with the weight. So the front strap is actually resting at the back edge of the seat. That's what I've found works best. Not too complicated really. :thumbsup:


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Btw Bean, this is worth mentioning for Gen-II owners.

Here's a custom-made set that RKA did that're color matched to the blue Gen-II. This is the same black RKA saddlebags I have along with a custom-made In-Charge Tankbag. The In-Charge Tankbag is a neat idea that RKA came up with to integrate all your wired gizmos down to a single power wire.


All the GPS, music, radar are internal in the tankbag. Just plug it in and go. I don't sell the completed custom bag- just the shell ready to fill with your gizmos. Buy Now for that is here.

Incidently, this is likely the bike I will own someday. :thumbsup:











Wow, those are good photos with details,

Question about Cortech versus the RKA, I noticed the Cortechs load from the top. and the RKA loads from the side.

I am trying to understand the concept. Does one led itself easier to load when packing and then just putting them on the bike.

Any benefits from one to another.

Also Thanks pashnit for giving me the details behind the stuff you use to protect your paint. I have used thet stuff before to line my toolbox drawyers, lol..

I have thought about hard bags on just the sides also but don't have the erar big flap on my 08 so I am hesitant to mount side bags with only 3 locations.

Top loaders won't let things fall out when you open them. The Cortech bags are also expandable for more space. Both types are very good for soft bags.
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I had me thinking the thought behind the RKA bags is you'll not really dive into them till you remove them off and lay them down, Then they are facing upwards. lol

I think I like the cleaner look of the RKA bags.

Gotta think about this.
Question for you guys that run any Cortech type bags, If the bags have the soft rubber whatever to go against the paint.

Do you still lay down protective tape of vinyl?


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