I need pics of Purple Hayabusas

I dont have a hayabusa yet, but I know exactly what them I wanna go with once i make my purchase. i like the first gen busa better and it really reminds me of the ghost in halo. now i love halo and the ghost is my favorite vehicle. I want a ghost so badly, but obviously the game isnt real and i cant have a ghost.

..that said... my busa will be purple with blue (probably an aqua..) lights and gunmetal pieces instead of chrome everywhere. a few single leds across the back of the cowl. those aqua lights should either be on the front wheel or both. i want to go ahead and do a photoshop, but ive only been able to find one purple busa with google images.

so post some pics!! i saw at least one purple busa here already, but i need a full bike pic.
nevermind. i forgot i can photoshop the color too. heres basically what it will look like. it will have aftermarket exhausts and will be lowered and stretched, but not much.

I think i put too much blue in my purple in that photoshop.. but its good enough for getting an idea.

Purple1300: I dont think i can pull off the sparkly purple ;) Its probably not a good idea for a dude to have a purple motorcycle, but at least my other bikes arent girly.
Yeah, dudes with sparkles.... you gotta wonder! That's why my husband never rides it! You think that was the intention??? :laugh:

Now THAT bike has some nice purple in it... I wish I could afford something like that though.
those purple wheels are awesome. i think the only chrome i will have is gonna be the wheels.. that way they will light up really well with the leds on them.

if i could just get a ghost i wouldnt need the busa at all ;) it is a good substitute though haha.

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