I need help!


I'm looking for a awsome,nice fitting,functional tank bra.

I ordered a MagKnight silver tank protector for my bike, I'm not happy since it really doesn't match the bike good. It should really be two tone to match the lines of the bike! I'm not too crazy about carbon cause it's a 03 Silver/Grey and I'm not sure how it will match.

Is there any other sources out there that I don't know about?

Anyone have pics of there bikes to back up what you like?

Should I worry about one?:super:???

Please help,

tankslapper.com invisible protection for your tank. applies with water
WOW thanks for the help.

Only one more question though, I went to there web site to order one and I noticed that there is a 3M tank protector and a Tank slapper tank protector, are they different?

Which is the correct one?

Check it out. Tank Slapper home page

I'm not 100% sure but I believe the 3m is an adhesive backed clear plastic and the regular tankslapper is applied using water (no adhesive).
dood, you definately want the mag-knight full tank protector, the carbon fiber looks fine on any bike. reason is cuz its very durable and magnetic so it can be removed at any time for cleaning the entire tank like if you accidentily spill gas or something or you want to show the bike, plus it covers a large area of the tank for maximum protection, I have one on both bikes and I am very happy I do otherwise my tanks would be scratched big time...