Need Opinion On Rim Decals


Hey all, need some input on color choice. I have the 2006 Whit/Silver LE and looking to add some rim striping. So whats your opinions on color? Since my wheels are silver should I stick with the bike theme and add White striping, add black striping to match the frame or red striping to match the red Hayabusa logo? Here's a pic of the design that I'm considering with "Hayabusa" added to it.

Black for sure. Not sure on the Hayabusa part, but I strangely like those "hashed" decals like that as opposed to the solid stripe.
Bots, on the pic I posted, the lettering in white is where you can add custom text. Skeche made me some red "Hayabusa" decals that I have on there now, I just thought about adding them to the striping. And yes I definitely like the hashed better than the solid.
You can't go wrong with black or white. I like the idea of the red but I think it's risky whether you hit or miss with it.
Since your bike is mostly white and black, I think adding a color on the rims would be a mistake (like red).

In fact, I don't think I would pick rim tape that would stand out because anything that stands out on that paint scheme would look garish. Get a silver reflective (so it stands out at night) tape that blends in.
Thanks so far guys, its hard to get a visual picture on a good color since the wheels are silver, if they were black it would be a little easier. I definitely don't want to make it look gaudy!
I haven't been a big fan of rim tape. But last night in a mall parking lot there was a cbr with reflective tape. You could definitely tell that parking spot was taken, with almost no lighting.
Hey Kitchener, you got a link to those and Trob, you got any pictures with the chrome carbon fiber ones on your wheels?
Those look pretty good. It looks like they have some silver, white and a hint of red. Maybe just what I'm looking for.