I need a tank protector...what is good?

So I am on Hayabusa #2 now, due to an unfortunate theft incident.  I can tell you with certainty that the silver/blue is much faster than my new black/blue...it is because the black absorbs more light, making the bike heavier.  Or maybe it's because I am still in the break in period.  The black does show little scratches better than the silver did, so I need a tank protector.  I don't think I want a tank bra, but something removable would be nice.  What are you all using?  Any recommendations?  Thanks!


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I use a Mag-Protector. Someone also makes a clear plastic protector which I have seen, it looks nice.
If your joking disregard this, but i have heard it before.  

Where do people get this crap form, "it is because the black absorbs more light, making the bike heavier". how the hell does light add mass. I have taken several years of physics, can someone enlighten me on this. When light hits an object the light energy is converted to heat thus causeing the the atoms to gain energy and become "excited." Thus the object usually only has a change in its volume.
My silver Busa goes faster when I let some of the air out of the tires, because then they're lighter.  

Seriously, I just picked up a ProGrip tank protector.  Hard to describe.  About the size of a maxi pad (sorry)
and designed to flex around the compound curves of the tank up the middle.  It was about 8 dollars.  

The dealer that sold it to me actually has a clear plastic one on his LE Black Busa (twice the money at 16 dollars), but he doesn't like the way the clear reveals air bubbles at the compound curves.  

They are adhesive-backed, but the adhesive can be removed with a mild solvent like WD-40.

Or you can try www.tankslapper.com
thats because there is more traction. be careful cause its even easier to wear out the tires will low pressure

Tankprotector. Just use mans greatest invention, DUCT TAPE!!!!



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I have a tank bra and I'm going to get rid of it because it catches air like a sail. I have a zipper down the middle of the jacket and two on either side of that so I need a wide replacement. I'll probably customize something to fit.

I have noticed on my black and blue '02 that when I'm riding with the sun on my left the bike seems to list to that side and the same when I'm returning only on the right side, however, since the sun is usually going down there's less light so it doesn't lean as much. Similarly, it is much easier to do wheelies when the sun is behind me. I atribute this to the tremendous added weight of the light on the tail section since it is all black.






I have the clear plastic Pro-Grip on a blue FZ1. I love it, you can't tell it is there. I had a buddy ask me how I got the paint to match up so well. It was just a quick glance and he opened his mouth before engaging brain. Point being - If you take your time putting it on, there will be no bubbles. I also did all the measuring, broke out the masking tape and all that crap. A 30 sec lickum-stickum turned into an hour ordeal, but worth it.


Dude they do these for a price of $90 or there abouts. and you can het them from baglux.co.uk
it's a good company who do post to the states.

have a look at mine, they also do leather seat covers, very smart!!



I have a carbon fiber tank protector, i think it was by lockhart. I really dont like the looks of the full tank bras. It looks really good on my silver bike. It would probably look good on yours to. I also got my intergrader kit this week. now i just have to get brave enough to let someone take a blade to my bike!!!
Busa Girl...

Worst case scenario is that it's a botched job, and you buy a new fender, right?

Well.... maybe worst case scenario is if the guy running the dremmel tool lets it get away from him, and it goes careening into the plastic tail section. THEN there'd be some money involved.
Sir UK that tere is one beautiful piece of equiptment. Where have I seen that be4? o yeah, in my garage.
I have found that by draining 3 of the 4 quarts of oil out of my busa, and riding naked i can get a top speed of 220. It was only 201 be 4. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
TAG makes a nice tank protector for the busa. It has a carbon fiber look. I found it in the Parts Unlimited catalog. It fits really well and looks great. I think I paid around $20 for it. It's rather large and covers quite a bit of the tank. The only thing I don't like is the top extends above the paint line(seem) where the 2 colors come together. But i always have my tank bag on so it doesn't bother me much.

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