I am looking for a seat hump for a 2001 busa black/silver

Question .......would i be able to use the one from the 99 black/gray or the all black one is the black color the same and will any year fit it
or if someone who has a black one wants to sell theirs let me know.......Thanks Jace
they fit the same but are they the same colors as well ? all the same black color ?
No they are not the same color but the 2002 is

1999 Black/Grey-grey metallic

2001 Black/Grey-Blue Metallic

2002 Black/Candy Blue-Blue Metallic
ok would a 2002 le hump be the same color black as a 2001 ??
it should fit just want to know if the color would match ?
The 2002 is quite a bit blue-er than the 2001. It will be different in the sun. The SE is plain black.

Just wait a bit, there will be one available either on the boards or on eBay soon.