i don't got one yet. but i know whats on my christmas list.
thanks those look bad arss!
me want one! yea! yea!:D :D :D
I got the Roca design carbon fiber and it is great.  I got it through Silvio for $165 at Allied Barter 786-252-9499. A lot better than $249 from extremegraphic. Topgun undertail was $235.

got my hugger from Silvio also... ' it's a Roca too '.... (these are very nice looking hugger's and the fit is great)

Is your bike lowered? I want a rear wheel hugger but also want to lower my bike some. How much can you lower it and still install a rear wheel hugger?

Please lemme know...

Later, dudez!

Sorry we did not hook up a month or two ago. We need to meet. I want to see some of your mods in person.

This is the time of year I ride a lot, so just let me know when you are in the area and we can hook up. Going to Daytona next week and Austria the following week, but Nov. 10th through March 1st I will be on the bikes!!
do you lose what little storage space you have on the busa, with the top gun undertail????also what do you guys think would look better for my '03 blk/silver busa, a silver undertail or blk....
hi guys, is that top gun under tray available here in the UK does anyone know. looks well cool !
LongbowIP (Tony),

I see you are in Southern AL.  Currently I'm living in Montgomery.  Will be here until June.  Maybe we can link up on a weekend.

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The picture on the top gun website does the tail no justice. I passed up on getting that one because I didn't like the photo they had posted. Ended up purchasing an undertail from a company in France called