Hp that you want to be @


The Watcher
Ok What Horse Power do you want to be @ this year? Present our more?
On this beast I am very good with what I currently have! Thank you very much!!

Howlin Mad
I guess its all relative and of course we get use to the power band but for me with my few mods 175 will be PLENTY! I scare myself once in a while as is.


Mine is fine right now, thank you. This kid in a souped up Jetta wouldn't leave me alone yersterday, so I finally red-lined it in second gear. bye bye. It was not a Busa day with 30 - 40 mph winds and 47 degree temps. (put it to the stop when facing the wind). I wouldn't race a Metro in those cross winds.There were no bikes out yesterday.
I don't know, I'm ok for now, but that's what I said about the vette, and before ya know it...money pit

Hank, I know what you mean. It has been real windy today, and in that department, sorry to say, the Busa isn't too hot.
More can wait. I'll be happy with mine where it is if I can get the power band completely smooth without annoying flat spots.

I'd maybe change the cams and stick with 176-180 rwhp.
MORE MORE MORE ! You can't have too much power. If am not scared of it IT'S TOO SLOW! I'm saving up for a turbo, that should do the trick.

I am at 187rwhp I would like to get to 200hp non Turbo before I stop, 190rwhp this year.
Hey Ninja, What doe's 187 rwhp feel like compared to the stock 160 hp. is it a huge difference? Do you wheelie in 3rd or 4th gear? Do you have way more low-end grunt. Can you get this much hp from just an exhaust system, TRE and air box mod?
Ok What Horse Power do you want to be @ this year? Present our more?[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Im always looking for more power, my busa is very tired from racing it on the street so much in LA. im always racing other big bikes as i can find them, i need a extra set of cycs, so i can send them out befor i tear my baby down. less down time. HELP''''''''',
I'ld like to get 170, but what i'ld really like is more kick and better responsiveness in the 60-90 mph range where i spend most of my riding time

Busa-tourer extraordinaire

Pipes air box (170+) and 16/39 (or 40) gearing should get you what you need easy.
Just one more hp than my friends ZX12r, I am not greedy. About one month for a dyno on both bikes. I will keep my fingers crossed!