How many '99 copper busas sold?


I was curious to see how many copper Hayabusas were produced for the US market. Would anyone happen to know? Thanks if you respond!

I believe there were a total of 1600 Hayabusas released to the North American market in 1999. That was split between the Blacks (bikes no race jokes) and Coppers. That's Canada AND the U.S.

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Wow. thank Heavy Busa. Should I ever get one I will drop by chesterfield

I'll hold you to that one!!

I'm thinking about painting mine that color this winter.
Please post a pic of it if you do. I'm considering converting a black/grey '99 to a copper if I don't find a copper one worthy of buying.

Take care!

Just so you know, if you do paint your bikes the `99 copper color you will Pay 62 bucks for 1/2 quart the copper color from color-rite (which happens to be the only place you can get that color because it has a trademark on it.) I only know this because I had to paint two farings last year and thats what it cost me. The silver color is a easy match that just about any painter can do.

And I think that 1/2 of a quart should give you enough paint to do the entire bike.

Kind thanks for that info! Where would you get the Ecru Silver paint that goes with the copper?
Wouldn't it be hard to get all the stickers on right after painting it? Wouldn't it be better to just order a whole new plastics set, or is this too cost prohibitive? Thanks again!!


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the thing about ordering new plactic. you have to remember each side is 650, the tail is 350 and I think the nose is around 550 to 650. You can get the stickers from tape works for like 50 a set you just have to let the paint dry first. Its an easy way to do it.

the silver paint you can get your painter to match it or its the same price from color-rite.
couldnt resist



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