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We are looking for a few guys that are active riders/racers to test some of our new products.

First and foremost would be our new air shifter kits, and the second would be one of our accessory power harness set ups.

Requirements are, you have to be an active member, depending on the bike air shifter testing may need to be done at the track, and must be willing to do a follow up on the forum with your results with the products.

With the power harness we are looking for someone with a stereo, lights, or just a bunch of accessories that's having charging issues with they're bike.

If your interested and local, send me a pm so we can get a game plan together.

Thanks guys!

I have an 05 Hayabusa, 72in wheelbase, 4mil bore GenII crank,Rock clutch.Already has an MPS autoshift box with ignition kill but was wanting to change over to a fuel kill instead.
Bazzaz box ,also using the data logging on my SB-6 MSD box.BTW I race almost every weekend.Sealy,San Antonio Raceway,Temple,Royal Purple etc.I live in La Grange.
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Pic of said Hayabusa

hayabusa 5-5.jpg
Ok. Well the first kit getting rolled out is a c02 system, and uses the ecu for fuel/ignition kill. It's a very nice, simple system.

I'm sourcing parts for a stand alone box.