Hotstart and engine stops under load


Hello. I have a busa supposedly American model ? (ECU Denso 32920-24F21) Registered new in 2002 in England. Now has 16,000 miles (I have done 7000 of them.) A few months ago I had a non start from cold problem. I tested the battery which was borderline so I fitted a new gel battery. A few weeks ago the bike suddenly lost all power when climbing a hill. I quickly rolled the throttle back and power was regained. The bike has done this several times since but most days is fine. When this happens if I stop for a coffee break the bike will turn over as normal but no start! Leaving it for an hour in total, it starts is if there had been no problem. When I first bought the bike the rideability was very poor...had it tested, the fuelling was very rich at 2000 and 4000rpm. I had a PC fitted and set up professionally,problem solved. New plugs, oil filter, oil and air filter fitted at the same time. Any thoughts please?
Best regards Mal


Hello again. Thanks for the replies. I am a bit slow following a bad "off " four years never win against 4 wheels especially landing on your head,flipping over and landing on the back of your head! I will check out the fuel pressure and its regulator soon as I can and get back to you with the results.
Best regards Mal

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