Engine Stopped While Riding


It first began after my recent oil change. I told the mechanic to change the coolant with Engine Ice followed by replacing the spark plugs. When the mechanic took 1 plug out for assessing the correct model, he didn't have the specific one thus, i told him to put back the plug. My service ended, i rode home.

Approx the same week on the way home from work, i was riding at roughly 100+ km/h, the engine suddenly stopped. I immediate pulled my clutch in and filter myself towards the side of the road. The speedometer lights were still switched on, so was the front headlight. Only the engine was dead so i thought maybe i had broken my engine or something. Tried calling a tow truck to no avail, i decided to crank my bike up, and voila, it came alive.

I rode home just under 100 km/h this time. Made it home with a worrying sense.

Anyways, this happened a few more times over the next couple of days. The crank started to sound funny, gave me the perception that my battery was about to expire (used the same batter for 3 years) so i went to the bikeshop to get it a new set of battery.

So i thought my problem was solved. I rode home from the bikeshop at excess of 120km/h +/-.. without a problem.

The next day, on the way to work, and there she was, engine died. But apparently so, i didnt have to stop my bike by the side of the road, i just throttle up and it would come alive again. It seems like someone or something triggered my run/kill switch. I had this modified when i changed the fast throttle 2 years back.

After all this speculations and whatnot, i am still in the dark and i do not want to go to the bike shop to add more speculation only to cost me money.

If you guys here have experience this, do let me know what it might be.

I ride a Silver 2009 Hayabusa.




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There ya go , modified killswitch . If that checks out try the kickstand safety switch.


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i am going off my crap memory but there was a time service bulletin on certain models like my 08' that the factory zip tie was affecting the ignition wire adding strain and cutting the motor while operating. i believe it's marked blue behind your triple tree. it could also be the "rectifier recall" if you hadn't done so already which i believe there would be a stamped dot on the vin badge showing the swap was done. both of these would give the funky cut off you are experiencing. i would also pull the plugs and make sure they are seated and secured properly for added insurance since your mech. was in there. hope that helped out a bit.

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