Hotbodies Integrator


I just installed the integrator unit from hotbodies. I know that everything is hooked up right, but the signals flash to quick. They act like there is a bulb out. Of course when I called hotbodies the guy told me that they all do that because there is not enough resistance in the bulbs. Wish the a-holes told me that before I installed everything!! Is this really common? What have you guys done to correct it? Will a slower relay from like a autozone fix it? Just pee's me off that it isn't mentioned anywhere. Now just how to fix it,,,,,,,
the relay is ioncorperated in the sidestand relay box.
You need to pull the two wires from the relay and connect them to the new 12volt on
It is the orange with gren tracer wire and the light blue one
There's something you can buy which is basically a resistor so that the bike doesn't think there's a bulb out. You can ususally buy them from the same people who sell the LED lights.
had the same problem with another brand of mini stocker lights. boght the hd relay, put it in. problem gone. relay will probably outlive the busa:cool:
Johnnycheese U DA MAN!!!!!!

Thanks for the help, I got a blinker relay and pulled those two wires out of the harness and wired her up and WAAZZAMMM it worked. Again Thanks ..........

but a 12vlt HD flasher relay and wire it in[/QUOTE]
Where can you get one of those?
Link please?